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Hugo Pinto

Hugo Pinto Physiotherapist. Physiotherapy. Physiotherapie, High Performance Sports Rehab. Injury Prevention. Recovery. Massage


Hugo qualified as a physiotherapist in 2003 and completed his post-graduate qualification in Functional Osteopathy in 2015. Hugo worked with both the Portuguese Swimming Federation (FPN) and Sporting Club of Portugal in the swimming, water polo and triathlon department. He was head physio for the FPN, overseeing the preparation for the elite swimming team of Portugal at the Rio Olympic games in 2016.

​Hugo has also lectured in Osteopathy, Clinical Reasoning and Sports Osteopathy at higher education level in Lisbon. Hugo was also the co-author of a book providing guidelines for warm-up, recovery and injury prevention for swimming. Released in 2016 as the basic guidelines for these subjects at national level in Portugal.

He Moved to the United Kingdom in 2017, where he continued to develop his patient centre care skills. Working in the private sector in various clinics spread across London, allowed him to work with a great range of patients. From amateur sports level, high profile politicians to circus performers.

He started working with the Swiss Aquatics Swimming Elite level in 2018. Hugo was a part of their Olympic delegation at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. Where the team historically celebrated two Olympic Bronze medals.

Hugo’s key skills include a combination of hands-on manual therapy, osteopathic techniques and load management programmes both in sports injuries and orthopaedic rehabilitation.

Hugo Is currently working solely with The Swiss Aquatics Swimming Elite team on developing their Injury and Prevention program.

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Nicola Poulsen

Nicola Poulsen, Osteopath, Osteopathy, Osteopathie, Massage, Classical Massage, Sports Massage


Nicola Poulsen graduated from Oxford Brookes University, United Kingdom, in 2011 with a Master’s degree. Since Graduation, she has worked both in Switzerland and England. Shortly after graduation she was an Osteopathy Lecturer at Oxford Brookes teaching osteopathic techniques. In May 2021, she returned to Switzerland.

Nicola has been working with the Swiss Aquatics Swimming since 2011 with their Junior and Elite teams. From 2013 to 2016 she worked with the Swiss Triathlon National team. In 2016 she was part of the Swiss Olympic Medical team at the Rio Olympic Games. She worked with the Swiss Triathlon team that celebrated a silver medal.

Having extensive experience in sports injuries and working with high performance athletes, Nicola continues to be very interested in treating people of all ages and backgrounds.

In her work she tries to help patients improve, understand and manage their problems and conditions. She is particularly interested in Shoulders, Neck pain, headaches and Low Back Pain. Nicola uses a variety of manual techniques such as soft tissues mobilisations, manipulations and fascial work. In addition to Osteopathy, Nicola is a certified Massage Therapist since 2009.

Nicola is working at our Aathal location.

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