Crowdfunding Launch for Praxis-Aathal


It is with great pleasure and excitment that we announce our crowdfunding campaign on WEMAKEIT. After taking over half of Praxis-Aathal in March this year and with  carefully chosen steps towards the development of our company, It is time to reclaim the whole of Praxis-Aathal. A landmark in the Seegräbren community in the last 30 years and now entrusted under  our care. 

To tell the story only in a few lines is too difficult and would not do it justice. What needs to be said is better descibed in the campaign video in the link bellow. At this time, we greatly appreciate your support, wether contributing to our campaign and/or simply by sharing this news.

 Nicola and I are excited to get going and to make all help count.

New Physio-Gym in Aathal


Thank you very much! We will keep you updated on the status of the campaign!






3PO’s co-founder Hugo Pinto will make a presentation on the next “Leistungssportseminar Schwimmen” to be held on the 16th and 17th September 2022 in Tenero. With the title of “Athlete Screening for Foundation and Talent groups”, the presentation will focus on one year of Parnership with Swiss Aquatics Swimming and it’s concept work and future projects.

More information can be found at Swiss Aquatics Swimming