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3PO Physiotherapy 3PO Physiotherapie Physiotherapie Uster Physiotherapie Zürich Physiotherapie Aathal Physiotherapie Pfäffikon



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3PO Osteopathy 3PO Osteopathie Osteopathie Uster Osteopathie Zürich Osteopathie Aathal Osteopathie Pfäffikon



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3PO Massage 3PO Klassische Massage Massage Uster Massage Zürich Massage Aathal Massage Pfäffikon


Classical and Sports Massage

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3PO Exercise 3PO übung übung Uster übung Zürich übung Aathal Übung Pfäffikon


Exercise Guidance

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Elite Sports Therapists

A team with both a personal and professional elite sports background


Working with Professional Athletes, Sports enthusiasts and general public.

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About us

3PO, short for Poulsen Pinto Physiotherapy & Osteopathy – Massage, Sports and Healthcare – was created in 2021 by Nicola Poulsen, M.Ost Osteopath and Hugo Pinto, PT Physiotherapist, who both specialise in High Performance Sports Rehabilitation, Prevention and Recovery Strategies, Massage and patient centred care.

This motivated team of Health Practitioners, has made it its mission to improve the health and peak performance of swimming and triathletes and overall sports enthusiasts on an amateur level, as well as treating patients in a normal clinical setting. We operate in the area of Zürich. Currently, our location is in Aathal and we cooperate with The Swiss Aquatics Swimming on a regular basis.

Nicola has a wealth of extensive High-Performance experience, having been part of the Swiss Olympics Team for the Olympic Games in Rio (2016) as well as several High-Performance events for both Swiss Triathlon and Swiss Swimming Federation including Long and Short-Course European and World Championships as a part of the Elite team.

Hugo also has High-Performance experience having worked for the Portuguese Swimming Federation since 2006. In 2018  he joined the Swiss Aquatics Swimming team as part of the Elite team. He attended the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games as their physiotherapist.

The team’s well-rounded skill set in manual therapy and sports rehabilitation is the perfect combination for a successful physical therapy clinic specialising in sports and rehabilitation. The Concept at 3PO focuses on promoting and preserving the health and well-being of our patients with work and sport related injuries.


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